Harvesting Yellow Pear Tomatoes – Join Me In The Garden

Gardening is a true pleasure. Most gardeners that I know love to share time, knowledge, plants and harvest with those around them. Welcome to my farm and garden and please enjoy this time in the garden with me as I harvest Yellow Pear Tomatoes.

Harvesting Yellow Pear Tomatoes is pretty easy since they let go of the vine very quickly once they turn ripe. They are very beautiful little tomatoes with an amazing sweet flavor. These Yellow Pear Tomatoes will be used to make salsa. So far I’ve never done a dedicated batch of yellow salso so I’m excited to give this a try.

I like to use the cell phone occasionally to record video because it gives me an opportunity to be more spontaneous. We can chat like it’s a real conversation. I’ll share with you my thoughts about gardening and harvesting and just living this lifestyle here on the homestead.

Homesteading activities like gardening are more than just growing food. It’s rewarding on so many levels. Being in nature gives you time to reflect on life. It brings a balance to your spirit as well as provides healthy produce for your body.

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